Don't get caught fishing where you shouldn't - if you use a software chart plotter running on a laptop to navigate, you can probably have the DFO Rockfish Conservation Areas automatically drawn on your electronic charts.  Many if not most of us run some version of Nobletec, and some other programs, including OziExplorer and the free Seaclear and OpenCPN, can import GPX-format files.  It should also be possible to upload the RCA outlines to a marine GPS although I haven’t tried this.  I have draw up all but two (Race Rocks and a tiny pinnacle in Hardy Bay) of the 160-something areas as "tracks" in both Nobeltec and GPX formats.  See the sample provided here of several RCAs in the Broughtons. I have arranged the file structure to match the current (2007) RCA booklet's arrangement by Area numbers.  You can import all or any of these area- numbered groups, or pick out just the particular RCA that you are concerned with, and delete it/them when done. There is no guarantee of accuracy although I doubt there are any serious errors.  Anyway, all are welcome to copies; I hope that DFO doesn't make any more changes this year.  Email me and I will send you the files (they are quite small, <100k). You should probably also get the DFO RCA booklet pdf to use in conjunction with these files.